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We are a video production company tailored towards branded content & broadcast television, producing both comedy & drama.

We value original content

The story is vital to creating a quality video. During pre-production we oversee concept development, casting, location sourcing, production research, production scheduling, script writing and set design. We’ll help you craft the story you envision.
thumb_01_60_60VIDEO PRODUCTION
We value your time. Our video production crew will create the highest quality product to fit your schedule. Our cinematography, direction and lighting design create the best atmosphere to produce a video your audience will resonate with.
Where the project comes together. During post-production we polish the final product. Video editing, animation, sound design, sound mix, colour grading and visual effects create the perfect experience of content for your audience.
thumb_01_60_60DIGITAL STRATEGY
We get your message out to the audience that is most in need. Whether your goal is to reach new audiences or grow current ones we apply the best strategies to grow your business.
Rob Comeau

Rob Comeau

Executive Producer/ Director

Although we take on and handle most productions, physical & mental health is something that we truly value. Founder Rob Comeau has a bold mission:

To utilize social media and technology to our advantage, ensuring that we have the right content in front of the right audience.

Let's change the world together

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Remember to Breathe… Be grateful… And meditate daily!

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